Cultivate a discerning mind

In our daily lives, our hearts are deluged with unceasing internal and external voices, going through all sorts of struggles, suffering the reverberations of emotions, desires, and impulses. How do we, as believers, discern between intents that lead us closer to God and intents that move us further away from God, or to comprehend the invitation from the Lord and His presence?

The programme aims to cultivate a Christocentric perspective in believers, to learn the process of Christian spiritual discernment, which helps us sharpen our emotional states, intents, desires, and all the other feelings and ideas. We will learn how to cultivate a conscious and discerning mind that allows us to listen carefully, to experience the presence and guidance of God in every event of our lives, and inspire us to choose to live the life that delights the Lord.

“For me, this programme is full of spiritual blessings. In addition to the teachings of spirituality, the spiritual director also gave us guidance in life. The courses include group sessions and the Lord often touched my heart and offered me His grace, through my fellow students and peers.”


Pastor Wong, chuch pastor

Programme highlights

  • The definition, foundation, and guidelines of discernment
  • The St. Ignatius’ guidelines for discernment
  • Focus, listen, and sharpen the inner voice
  • A prayer practice for discernment
  • Mindfulness and spirituality reading notes
  • The practice and rewards of discernment
  • Listen to, empathise with, respond to one another in prayer group

Programme structure

6 workshops and day camps

20/1, 17/3, 5/5, 7/7, 1/9, 20/10 (10:00-16:30, Wednesday)

A 2 days 1 night overnight retreat

6-7/11 (Saturday to Sunday)

4 1-on-1 regular sessions with the spiritual director


The tuition for the Certificate in Christian Spiritual Formation for Lay Leaders is $8,000, which will be paid in two instalments, each instalment will be $4,000.

The fees included room and board for the retreats, lunch for the day camps, and sessions with the spiritual director.

Starting date

January 2021


Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre

Number of students per programme


Application fee: $200